Short, sharp updates in real-time. We approach Twitter on a local market level, enabling local marketers to build and manage their own audiences in their own language. We've got 280 characters to grab our users' attention, so make it count.

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Below shows how Twitter posts are structured - we've pulled out the key elements that make up a post on the platform.

Profile Image

Ensure the page is recognisable - use the associatedlogo for the brand. The logo should be 400x400 pixels and the stacked logo should be used where necessary.

Header Image

Header images should be on-brand and consistent throughout each social media platform. During marketing campaigns we often run header image takeovers, which link to campaign messaging to enhance our campaign presence.


Use copy that will encourage users to click our posts. Twitter is crowded and competitive, so short, punchy updates work best. Twitter limits the characters you're able to use, so ensure you're under 280; give yourself some extra characters by utilising to shorten any links.

Make use of Twitter's hashtag functionality to expand your reach or categorise your posts e.g. #Thinkingaloud, and ensure to @ tag any users you're mentioning.


Media posted to Twitter should be of high quality and must follow company guidelines – all thought leadership articles must be accompanied by the media supplied by our social media agency.

Media utilised on Twitter makes up a large proportion of the post, so where appropriate, select something that stands out and grabs users' attention. The optimum image size is 1200x1200px, while video is best delivered at 1280x720px (Landscape) or 720x1280px (portrait).

For additional information and help regarding Twitter,

Image size:

180 x 180 px

Video size:

1080 x 1920 px

For additional information and help regarding Social, please email us.