Storytelling through photo and video. Our Instagram accounts are used on a global scale and are primarily used to support sponsorship activity.

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Below shows how Instagram posts are structured - we've pulled out the key elements that make up a post on the platform.

Profile image

Ensure the page is recognisable - use the associatedlogo for the brand. The logos should be 180 x 180 pixels and the stacked logo should be used where necessary.


Use copy that will drive engagements with our posts. Instagram's character limit is 2,200, so be descriptive. Make use of Instagram's hashtag functionality to expand your reach or to categorise your posts e.g. #ScottishOpen, and ensure to @ tag any users you're mentioning.

Given our industry, keep copy professional, but give it character. Don't be afraid to be witty when the time's right.


Instagram is all about the visuals, therefore it's essential to post high quality, engaging media. The optimum size for images and video on Instagram is 1080x1080px (Square), however you can also post in landscape (1200x628px) and portrait (1080x1350px). Instagram stories are slightly different and are shown full-height, portrait only (1080x1920px).

Instagram gives users the ability to edit media before posting, with filters being a go-to option. There's no specific guidance on which filters to use, just use best judgement.

Image size:

1080 x 1080px (Square)

1200 x 628px (Square)

1080 x 1350px (Square)

Instagram stories:

Instagram stories are shown full-height, portrait only (1080x1920px).

For additional information and help regarding Social, please email us.