Primarily utilised for Sponsorship and Corporate Social Responsibility content, Facebook is a great way to communicate less formal content to our audiences. We have one global account per brand/event, and utilise geography targeting where necessary.

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Below shows how a Facebook post is structured - we've pulled out the key elements that make up a post on the platform.

Profile Image

Ensure the page is recognisable - use the associatedlogo for the brand. The logo's should be 180x180 pixels and the stacked logo should be used where necessary.

Header image

Header images should be on-brand and consistent throughout each social media platform. During marketing campaigns we often run header image takeovers, which link to campaign messaging to enhance our campaign presence. The recommended size for background images is 1640x720px and no larger than 8mb.


Use copy that will drive engagements with our posts. Facebook allows and encourages users to be descriptive with their posts, and doesn't limit your characters like other platforms.

Facebook also encourages users to upload multiple images/videos with their posts, so if there's a corporate event we're promoting, it's a great channel to upload entire albums.

Given the types of content we post on Facebook, we can be a little less formal, however if publishing thought leadership content, ensure the regular guidelines are followed.


Media posted to Facebook should be of high quality and must follow company guidelines – all thought leadership articles must be accompanied by the media supplied by our social media agency and any sponsorship or CSR imagery must be high resolution.

The optimum size for images is 1200x628px, while video should be displayed 16:9 and shouldn't exceed 4gb in file size.

Image size:

1200 x 628px

Images appear at 552 x 289px

File type:

File type should be JPG, JPNG or GIF.

For additional information and help regarding Social, please email us.