Email structure

All content areas are flexible, these can be edited and updated within the email editor (WYSIWYG).


The header section contains the relevant brand logo and link to website, an optional hero image and a text header within the trapezium branding. An optional sub-header can also be included within the trapezium section.


The content section varies per email, depending on its purpose. It is made up of one or more components as required for the content to be included, which can be any combination of text, images, information boxes and call to action buttons. Components are pre-set to adhere to branding, maintain consistency and apply best practice for optimum visual display on all devices and email clients.


A footer section is mandatory on all emails and contains links to relevant social media accounts, financial risk warning, disclaimer text appropriate to the email content/audience and links to the End User Preference Centre (including required unsubscribe option) and Privacy Policy.

For additional information and help regarding Emails, please email us.