Display advertising

Display banners are built by a creative agency to a specific, fixed size. They include the company logo, headline, body copy, image or animation, call to action and risk warning. Some common formats include: MPU 300x250, Half page 300x600 and Leaderboard 728x90. Display banners may be in rich media format (HTML5) or static formats (GIF/JPG/PNG). Display banners are placed across preferred local publisher websites and the Google Display Network.

Brand, Capability & Product

Brand, capability and product advertising will be created as part of a campaign to promote an area of specific investment expertise. The format may be static (JPG/GIF/PNG) or animated (HTML5). The content and placement of these adverts must meet strict compliance requirements prior to distribution.


Content advertising refers to the promotion of macroeconomic content, such as Our Thinking articles or videos which do not mention products. The format is static (JPG/GIF/PNG). This type of content can be distributed on a continuous basis without prior compliance approval needed.

For additional information and help regarding Display advertising, please email us.